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An Awesome God I felt impressed to visit a lady to whom I had tried to sell the health books two months earlier, but ended up having a Bible study with instead. She had asked me to come back and meet her husband.

She beamed when she saw me and said, “Good, you'll be able to tell me where the local Sabbath keeping church is!” She had driven all the way to Victoria Park in Perth on Sabbath looking for it. Only two days before!

She showed me all she was studying and then I showed her the Bible Reference Library. She loved the books and wanted them for her children to read as well. She placed her order and then asked me to show her where the church was. We had a prayer together before I left. She prayed and thanked God for sending me to show her where the church was.

After I left, I drove down the road and stopped to thank God for such an awesome experience and that He would lead and guide that lady into the truth. I felt such awe at the way God works. I felt so privileged that God had chosen to work through me to reach this lady. Praise God she came to church at Midland and wants to keep coming! - Brenton Lowe, Western Central Area

“Cancer Sticks!” Tina and I visited a home where a man who had a smoking problem had shared with us how hard it is to stop. He had three small children and said he really wanted a set of Tiny Tots Library for his kids. But he and his wife didn't work, so he just couldn't afford them.

So I pointed out if he could save the money he used to buy his “cancer sticks” (cigarettes) and invested it in these books, they could have the books in his home. I shared with him my experience with smoking and how I understand now that God does not want us to kill ourselves or defile His temple (our body). It was truly a blessing. - Leki Anoai, American Samoa

Recommended reading: Read the origin of Babylon and Sunday Sabbath and paganism in Christianity to understand why scripture calls the Papal Church Babylon. And then reading why the Sabbath was changed to Sunday will make perfect sense and that Satan was behind the change. What is the beasts number contains fascinating information on 666 originating from Babylon and why this number now relates to a man in the Papal Church. The seven year tribulation reveals how this time period came from an abused prophecy and gives the truth on the second coming. [d-prophecy]